I’ve always been drawn to moments that inspire pause and thought; that create a connection between the viewer and the subject; that create dialogue between the world within and the world without.

I am seeking to connect my work to kindness: how do we balance the beauty of the earth with our need to be sustained by it? How do we make good food while respecting the environment? How do we see ourselves?

And when we walk through hay fields — the grass uncut, the sun falling —  why are we walking there? Why do we look to the pre-harvest growth, caught in the afternoon light, and want to hold onto it? What remains when the rest is gone?

I am inspired by real people, by the ocean I grew up beside, by kinship, by texture and craftsmanship and, always, by beautiful light. I am inspired, too, by those who have walked before me: Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, Matisse, Patti Smith, Billy Collins, Sally Mann.

My photography will continue to lead me to high mountain passes and to places few people go. To dishes teeming with fresh food and spaces of growth: farms, homes, kitchens. I hope to create with people whose minds find a confluence with mine: a meeting place of two rivers; an inbetween.

When I look out from the coast at smaller islands than my own, I wonder why I keep looking. I’m not seeking an answer, but instead the opportunity to keep asking. To look again.

Member of the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association - AIPA.

Clients/ Ripe Deli, Kokako, Bauer Media, Father Rabbit, Remain, Bohzali, Woods Agency, Coco Republic, L’Americano Espresso, Penguin, Rethink Bags, Nest Direct, Boric Food Market, Urban Lounge, Design Depot, Your Home & Garden Mag, Maxim Institute, Forage & Bloom, Wild Coast Yoga.


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